Accessibility design instructions

This website is built according to the principle of accessible web design. The convenient key (Accesskey, also known as the quick key) of this website is set as follows:

Alt+S: Website Search
Alt+U: Header function block
Alt+C: Main content block
Alt+Z: Footer information block
Tab: Select the link, press Enter to go to the page or use this function
Alt+1: Go to the "INITIATIVES" page
Alt+2: Go to the "NEWS" page
Alt+3: Go to the "EVENT" page
Alt+4: Go to the "PUBLICATIONS" page
Alt+5: Go to the "PICTURES" page
Alt+6: Go to the "VIDEOS" page
Alt+7: Go to the "DOWNLOAD" page
Alt+8: Go to the "CONTACT" page
Alt+9: Go to the "SUBSCRIBE EMAIL" page
Alt+10: Go to the “SITEMAP” page

Note: If your browser is Firefox, the shortcut keys are used Shift+Alt+ (fast key letters), for example Shift+Alt+C will jump to the central content block of the webpage, and so on.

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